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Go install

go install

Download binary

Download binary from release.

VERSION=0.4.1 GOOS=Linux GOARCH=x86_64; \
curl -fsSL "${VERSION}/fasthttpd_${VERSION}_${GOOS}_${GOARCH}.tar.gz" | \
tar xz fasthttpd && \
sudo mv fasthttpd /usr/sbin
  • GOOS supports Linux Darwin Windows
  • GOARCH supports x86_64 arm64 i386


brew tap fasthttpd/fasthttpd
brew install fasthttpd

Using yum or apt

Download deb or rpm from release, and then execute apt install or yum install.

VERSION=0.4.1 ARCH=amd64; \
curl -fsSL -O "${VERSION}/fasthttpd_${VERSION}_${ARCH}.deb"
sudo apt install "./fasthttpd_${VERSION}_${ARCH}.deb"
  • Default configuration path is /etc/fasthttpd/config.yaml
  • Default log directory is /var/log/fasthttpd
  • FastHttpd is automatically started by systemd



docker run --rm -p 8080:80 fasthttpd/fasthttpd

Then you can hit http://localhost:8080 in your browser.

What's next?

Check out the configuration guide.